Autonomous, accessible veterinary care for Indigenous Peoples


Sovereign Nations Veterinary believes Indigenous Peoples need their own veterinary medical clinics. These should be staffed and managed locally to benefit members and their animals. SNV provides training for a clinic director and empowers them to run a self-sustaining clinic as well as their own educational and outreach programs, connecting them to the grants and organizations that can help support them.


Sovereign Nations Veterinary believes in educating Indigenous Persons to provide their own ongoing animal care. To encourage educational opportunities, SNV has formed Scholarship Funds to fund training for students to become veterinary technicians. In addition, SNV partners with university veterinary medicine programs to bring veterinary students in for clinics and residencies.


Sovereign Nations Veterinary honors the sovereignty, traditions and heritage of Indigenous Persons. With their partnership we seek to build veterinary clinics where they are needed most. These clinics will be sustainable facilities, run by and for the people they serve. Management of the facilities will be solely their responsibility, but SNV provides business mentorship, marketing consultation and support.

Sovereign Nations Veterinary was founded by Dr. Eric Jayne who was tragically killed on July 2, 2021.
The SNV Board of Directors mourn his loss, but pledge to continue the organization’s work. Our current projects include clinics in the Alaska Native Villages, clinic construction and veterinary care in South Dakota for the Rosebud Sioux Tribe, consultation for a clinic build for the Ojibwe Tribe in Minnesota,  and work with the Shoshone and Arapaho Tribes on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming.

Please consider honoring Dr. Jayne’s legacy and the future work of Sovereign Nations Veterinary with a donation.