Veterinary Care Education

Scholarships for students wishing to become veterinary assistants, technicians and practice managers

Sovereign Nations Veterinary believes in educating Indigenous Persons to provide their own ongoing animal care. To encourage educational opportunities, SNV has two scholarship opportunities to fund training for students to further their animal care education. The Dr. Eric Jayne fund is available to Indigenous Persons, and the Freddy Jordan Fund is available to those who are non-native but are willing to work on sovereign nations. Both scholarships support study in the online Penn-Foster veterinary care programs. 

Scholarships for Veterinary Medicine students

Iowa State University has established the Dr. Eric Jayne, DVM Scholarship to support native and worthy students enrolled in the Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Sovereign Nations Veterinary does not administer this fund, but we are pleased to promote it. Iowa State University was Dr. Jayne’s alma mater and the college has been a supporter of SVN’s work. For more information about the scholarship, please go here

The Dr. Eric Jayne Scholarship Fund

The Dr Eric Jayne Scholarship Fund provides scholarship money for indigenous students who would like to become either Veterinary Practice Managers, Veterinary Assistants, or Veterinary Technicians.

The fund, managed by Sovereign Nations Veterinary, is named for Dr. Eric Jayne, DVM who died tragically in 2021. He was the founder of Sovereign Nations Veterinary and passionate about helping Indigenous People have self-determined, sustainable animal care.

The Freddy Jordan Scholarship Fund

The Freddy Jordan Scholarship Fund provides scholarship money for worthy non-indigenous students who would like to become either veterinary assistants or veterinary technicians and work on sovereign nations for at least one year following program completion. In Alaska a licensed veterinary technician can work in a remote village under the supervision of a veterinarian in the city.

The fund, managed by Sovereign Nations Veterinary, is named for Freddy Jordan, an Alaska Native from Tanana who died tragically in 2002. He is remembered as a musher who was dedicated to the health and care of his dogs. During his attempts to run the Yukon Quest, Freddy was unfortunately forced to withdraw when his dogs picked up one of the many viruses that go through the races. Rather than run sick dogs he looked out for the health of his dogs first.