Are you ready for a career in animal health?

Scholarships for online study are available

Sovereign Nations Veterinary is pleased to support worthy native and non-native students who want to work toward a career in veterinary care. Our scholarships fund online study in the Penn Foster’s Veterinary Academy, one of the leading animal health programs in the United States.

Is this program a good fit for you?

Can you answer yes to these questions?

  • Are you comfortable taking an online course or program?
  • Are you able to commit 5 to 10 hours per week to studying time?
  • Knowing the Veterinary Assistant program can take one year, and the Veterinary Technician program can take between three and four years to complete, are you able to fit education into your life for that period of time?
  • Do you have someone in your life (friend, coworker, partner, spouse; for example) who can support and encourage you while taking a program?
  • Do you have a computer that can access the internet with the ability to watch videos (can you stream from Netflix or YouTube, for example)?  (If not, we may be able to help)
  • Do you have easy access to high speed internet?

You can learn more about the Penn-Foster program at If you are interested in more information about the terms and conditions of the scholarship please email us at

Indigenous Peoples and Members of Reservations

The Dr Eric Jayne Scholarship Fund provides scholarship money for indigenous students who would like to become either Veterinary Practice Managers, Veterinary Assistants, or Veterinary Technicians. A licensed veterinary technician can work under the remote supervision of a licensed veterinarian on sovereign nations.

Non-Native Students Willing to Work on Behalf of the Native Community

The Freddy Jordan Scholarship Fund provides scholarship money for worthy non-indigenous students who would like to become either veterinary assistants or veterinary technicians and work on sovereign nations for at least one year following completion of the program.