Facilitating animal care on the Rosebud Indian Reservation

The creation of Wamakanskan Wawokiya Oti – “Helping Animal Center”

Sovereign Nations Veterinary is delighted to help empower the members of Rosebud Indian Reservation to run a self-sustaining, self-determined animal care clinic. Through grants from the Banfield Foundation, IDEXX Laboratories, Greater Good Charities and Pets For Life, and with partnerships with ViDAS and Iowa State University, we are constructing a clinic facility, providing care, and educating members on animal care and clinic management.

SNV is currently remodeling an existing building on the Rosebud Reservation to house an animal care clinic. Construction began in May 2021 and is expected to completed by October 2021. Many thanks to the volunteers and trained professionals, including the team from Rescue Rebuild, who helped build the space.

Sovereign Nations Veterinary has helped Wamakanskan Wawokiya Oti host several animal care clinics to provide spay, neuter and wellness services to the animals on the Rosebud reservation. In 2021, nearly 1500 animals received valuable, affordable care.

To serve the horse nation of Rosebud, in June 2021, Sovereign Nations Veterinary partnered with Iowa State University to offer an equine care clinic at Wamakanskan Wawokiya Oti. Veterinarians provided castration and dental care, and a farrier provided hoof care and shoeing.